The Vienna-based microphone company LEWITT stands for high-performance microphones designed to deliver unaltered, authentic sound for memorable recordings.

          Our microphones meet the highest expectations of sound professionals expecting outstanding performance in live and studio applications. The exclusive use of high-quality components and advanced technological features ensures, that LEWITT mics capture every sonic detail.

          So make yourself heard.
Unaltered. Authentic. Memorable.






  • LEWITT-MTP_240_DM.jpg
    MTP PERFORMANCE SERIES Music professionals know that it’s often the smallest details that make all the difference in vocal and instrumental recordings. With our MTP serie...

  • Lewitt-DTP_Beat_Kit_7.jpg
    With its DTP series, LEWITT introduces a complete family of cutting-edge, high-performance wired dynamic microphones designed specifically for drums, percussion and bass instru...

    THE LCT AUTHENTICA SERIES With the LCT Authentica Series, LEWITT introduces a new generation of highly versatile wired condenser microphones that all aim for setting new benchm...
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